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SPECIFICATIONS - Barbeque Tandoor
  • Model - BBQ1
  • Weight - 35 Kgs (Approx)
  • Dimensions: 17 Ht x 15 Wdth x   9 Hole
  • Chassis - All steel chassis
  • Mobility - heavy duty castors
  • Bread(Indian Roti) Capacity per  shot - 5
  • Cover - Stainless Steel with brass  handle
  • Body - Double Insulated Stainless  Steel
  • Clay - Specially formulated & hand  crafted   by artisans
  • Coal Consumption per hour - 1   kgs
  • Optional all weather cover also  available
  • Handles: Draw Bar Stainless Steel
ACCESSORIES - Barbeque Tandoor
  • The tandoor will be supplied with   a set of  accessories to make   cooking more   enjoyable.
  • A selection of cooking rods and   handling  utilities are included   with the supplies for  "good   cooking practice" and easy  handling.
  • 5 skewers round for chicken, meat   etc .(Stainless Steel with  wooden handles)
  • 5  skewers   square for cheese vegetables,    kebabs, fish etc. (Stainless Steel   with    wooden handles)
  • 1 set roti ( Indian Bread ) removal.
  • Over top grill attachment.
  • Gaddi for putting Roti's (Indian Bread) in  tandoor.
  • One pair of stainless steel tongs for grilling.
  • Spatula for charcoal removal.
  • Stainless Steel all weather Cove  with brass   handle.
  • User Manual Safety Instructions Recipe Book.
FEATURES - Barbeque Tandoor
  • Ready to use.
  • No need for any installation.
  • Gas & Charcoal use in the   same   Tandoor.
  • Designed for Minimum Heat Loss.
  • Economical & Fuel Saver.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Exterior.
  • Long Lasting specially build reinforced   clay.
  • Easy installation of Gas Burners.
  • Heavy Duty wheels for easy Placement & Mobility.
  • The rapidity of baking and cooking by radiant, conductive and  convective heat transfer ensures the sealing in of the flavors and  juices of the edible products.
  • Oil and fat free cooking of other edibles in a   practical and energy efficient manner.
  • Portable
  • No Maintenance required..
  • The outer body remains   cool thus   the   user   works under no fatigue  with a   less heated   surrounding.
  • Side door made for air   control and   removal of   ash or fitment of pipes for  gas. Baffle Plate   for   Gas   Tandoor   provided   with gas   option to strategically position    the   burner lava   as to   get   the   best heat transfer for   a quick  and   economical   heating in the   oven.
  • Half -Done for instant   operation-   No   more   waiting for days on installations

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